So there’s this friend, really there is, who took note of an uncommon sight during the month of May. Green leaves piling up along the curbs.

Normally this phenomenon occurs about five months from now when the weather turns colder and the autumn is soon to arrive. It may seem strange, but there’s no cause for alarm.

Fortunately this friend took the initiative to call an arborist to explain to him why this is happening. Granted that is a lot better than laying in bed at night fretting over something you cannot control.

One of the professionals at Cliff Avenue Greenhouse was able to clear up the mystery. Many trees have been experiencing stress triggered by the weather this spring. Warm weather earlier this month caused the trees to wake up. Then low temperatures dipped into the 30’s for 6 consecutive days including 32 on May 14. The result became dropping leaves and green drifts in the gutters.

However just as easily as the trees will shed their leaves, more will be generated. No bare trees for the summer. Plus those leaves in the gutters will be just as easily carried away by some spring rains or eager street sweepers.

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