An arrest has been made in Texas in connection with the Thanksgiving morning armed robbery of the Golden Coin Casino near Russell Street and Kiwanis Avenue in Sioux Falls.

"We had a lot of great work by the officers and detectives to figure out who was responsible for this robbery," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens.

"Some of the investigation involved tracking down neighbors with surveillance cameras. This was also good police work in finding the vehicle. Eventually, we were able to figure out Jessie Buskol was the one that committed the robbery. He was actually arrested in Texas on some stolen vehicle charges. He was already in custody and the warrant was issued Monday for first degree robbery. It sounds like they will be working to bring him back to South Dakota."

Clemens says officers found the vehicle in connection with the Sioux Falls robbery.

"The vehicle used in the robbery was a red PT Cruiser. When it was located, the officer saw some money inside. We were able to track Jesse down through that vehicle. He was arrested in a different vehicle that was stolen out of Sioux Falls."

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