During a time when it has become popular to become anti-police in many cities across the nation, the city of Sioux Falls is doing the polar opposite.

Since the Dallas sniper attack happened on Thursday, July 7, 2016, leaving 5 Dallas police officers dead, and seven others wounded, residents within the city of Sioux Falls have launched into a "Blue Lives Matter" campaign.

Sioux Falls police officers say they've seen an overwhelming amount of support from the community.

Photo courtesy of KDLT TV

Support ranging from a three-year-old boy who delivered a batch of "Thank You" cookies to the police department. To a countless number of people, who took the time to walk up to police on duty during the many Hot Harley Nights events last weekend just to shake officers hands and say thanks for all you do to help keep Sioux Falls safe.

Sioux Falls police officers riding in last Saturday nights Hot Harley Nights parade even got a standing ovation from the crowd as the PD came riding through the end of the parade route.

According to Sioux Falls Police Patrol Sergeant Andrew Siebenborn, "It feels good, especially given the light of recent events. Not all the time do we get thanks and sometimes people don't always feel appreciated, so anytime people go out of their day to say thanks it means a lot. It means more than people probably realize to us."

It's examples like these that make Sioux Falls special.

As we continue to heal the racial tensions that exist in so many of our cities throughout this great country, please take just an extra minute or two, the next time you see a Sioux Falls man or women in blue, and thank that police officer for their service and all they do to help make Sioux Falls a great place to live and raise a family.

Source: KDLT TV