A man who was walking in a residential area of central Sioux Falls Wednesday night has told police he was struck with a pipe by a man he didn't know.

Officer Sam Clemens says the 56-year-old man told police he was headed to a friend's house in the 400 block of South Summit Avenue around 8:30 p.m. when he passed a man and a woman who were outside a house in that area.

Clemens says the trouble began when the man started talking at him.

"He basically just ignored the guy. The suspect then reached behind him and pulled out what they believed was a metal pipe and hit the victim over the head," explained Clemens. "It may have been more than once. The girl that was with the guy then grabbed that pipe and then the suspect punched the victim in the face a few times.

Clemens says a person who lives at that address drove up and then followed the two to the 700 block of South Summit Avenue. He says 42-year-old Joseph Martin Serna was arrested on an aggravated assault charge.

Clemens says the victim's injuries were not serious, and he says both victim and suspect had been drinking.