I recently ran across a story on the internet about an apartment complex in Wilmington, North Carolina that makes its' renters submit samples of their dog's DNA.  That way if the owners should decide to get lazy and not pick up after their dog, the poop can be traced back to them, where they'll then face a fine.

After talking about it on the air, I got a call from a listener who told me that the company she works for here in Sioux Falls is doing the same thing.

Bender Midwest Properties is now charging a $40 DNA fee to anyone who wants to rent an apartment from them and also wants to have a dog.  If, after moving in, the owner is caught not picking up after their four legged friend, they're slapped with a $150 fine.

In order to help out and encourage renters to be courteous of others, the rental company has installed "Dog Poop Stations" on many of its properties.  The stations contain plastic bags that can be used to pick up the poo.