Within seconds, four people stole a car from a gas station at 14th Street and Minnesota Avenue.

Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says the car was unlocked with the engine running.

"Tuesday evening we had some people that left their car running and unlocked. They were parked in a gas station lot. They walked over a few spots to talk to somebody else. While that happened, somebody jumped in the running car and left with it. Luckily officers were able to find the vehicle at the west side of Sioux Falls. There was a short pursuit. The suspects ended up crashing that car into a parked car. Three of the four were arrested for motor vehicle theft and possession of stolen vehicle. We are still looking for the fourth person."

Clemens urges residents to lock their vehicles!

"In this case the car was running and unlocked. The people were nearby. Normally, you would think that would not be a problem. It just shows how quickly things can happen. Somebody can get in and out of your car in the matter of seconds."

Clemens says the stolen car crashed into a parked vehicle during a pursuit.

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