Sioux Falls Police have their hands full following six robberies late Thursday night and early Friday morning.

“We had three of them that happened in apartment parking lots. That’s probably the one similarity we have,” Police Spokesman Sam Clemens explained. “The other three seemed to be completely unrelated. The three that happened in apartment parking lots---we have different people that were approached by these thieves. They ended up taking wallets, purses and cell phones. The descriptions really vary so we’re still not sure if these crimes were connected or not.”

Clemens is asking the public’s help as the police investigations are underway.

“With all these robberies that took place---people are going to talk. We figure someone is going to know something that can be of help. If anyone has information, we ask them to call police or Crimestoppers.”

Although police have some suspects, Clemens says no arrests have been made.