As part of meth awareness week, Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns talked about the drug's impact in Sioux Falls during Wednesday's Media Briefing.

"This is just not a law enforcement problem. This is a public health problem as well. The impact is far reaching in our community and growing with the number of cases we see and the impact on the resources that we extend as the police department and the health community."

Burns released startling statistics in connection with the growing use of meth in Sioux Falls.

"In 2014 our drug task force seized nine point nine pounds of meth. Along with that there were 502 arrests on possession of the drug. 30 individuals were also arrested for distribution of meth. We also had 15 drug labs seized."

Burns says the problem worsened in 2015!

"We seized nine point seven pounds of meth. But the arrests went to up 770. Furthermore individuals arrested for distribution more than doubled to 69 arrests and two labs were seized."

Burns says chronic use of the drug can lead to serious health conditions including heart attacks, seizures, and even death.