Sioux Falls Police Chief Doug Barthel says Synthetic Marijuana is dangerous!

In the Chief's words, "it's something we've been seeing more of in our community.  When we hear the words (Synthetic Marijuana), we think it may be harmless.  But, the fact of the matter is it's completely different from Marijuana.  It's very dangerous and highly addictive.  We have seen kids and adults in their sixties using the drug.  It has a huge negative affect on them."

Aside from Synthetic Marijuana, Barthel says Bath Salts may be lethal.  "They're just as dangerous as other drugs. The makers of the drug actually change the chemical make- up of them on a weekly basis.  You have no idea of what is going into Bath Salts.   I just  can't imagine people would want to put the drug into their bodies.  The side effects far outweigh the little high the user gets."

Chief Doug Barthel says parents needs to talk with their children about the risks associated with designer drugs and the unknown, long-term effects they could experience.