Sioux Falls Police were dispatched to the District in Western Sioux Falls Tuesday evening.

Police Sgt. Paul Creviston says the initial report was about an intoxicated woman who had fallen down.

"They were sent there for a medical emergency where a highly intoxicated female had fallen down and appeared to have struck her head on the pavement. Officers were there attempting to give aid to the female when an aggressive male started to interfere with them."

Creviston says that's when the Brookings man took a bite out of a police officer's thigh!

"Eventually the officers were able to get the male suspect onto the ground where a fight continued. The male suspect was kicking and tried to bite the officers who were trying to arrest him. At one point, the man bit one of the officers on the thigh causing a pretty large mark on his leg."

Creviston says 25-year-old John Hogan the third faces several charges including simple assault on law enforcement.

The police officer went to the hospital to be checked out and then released.