A two-day argument, a lot of alcohol plus a pistol culminated in a Sioux Falls man’s arrest on Wednesday night.

Around 9:00 PM a man walked out of his house, into the street and fired a gun into the air. Officer Sam Clemens said the event happened at 202 E. Lotta Street.

"Upon arrival the officers set up a perimeter and then all of a sudden the suspect walked out the back door (of the house). Apparently he didn't have any idea that officers were there. He was taken into custody without any issue."

As a backdrop to the shots being fired, Clemens says the suspect and his 54 year-old wife had heated conversations about their relationship.

"At some point in time while they were arguing, he made a threat to harm both her and him. He didn't use the gun or talked about the gun (in making the threat), but just threatened her generally."

Fifty-seven year-old Bill R. Johnson was arrested for Simple Assault Domestic, Possession of a Loaded Firearm while intoxicated and Discharging a Firearm within City Limits.

Police say Johnson’s blood alcohol content registered a .28 level.

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