A Sioux Falls man was threatened with a gun at his home in the 300 block of Fairfax Avenue late Monday night.

"We had a man who heard a knock at door," Police Spokesman Sam Clemens explained, "and when he went to open it---there was a person that he knows. There were other people outside as well. One of the them pushed his way into the house. He knocked the victim to the ground and then pointed a gun to his face."

Clemens says the victim was able to defuse the situation.

"The victim was able to talk the suspect down and get him out of the house. But, then the victim told police he didn't want to do anything or make a report."

Clemens says detectives will talk to the victim and see if he will change his mind. But, if they have a victim that doesn't want to press charges, Clemens says police are pretty much done with it."

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