A Sioux Falls man faces charges after he allegedly tried to rip off energy drinks from Hy-Vee at 49th Street and Louise on Saturday afternoon.

Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says the suspect was carrying a car seat with a one month old baby inside.

"We had a loss prevention officer who saw a man with a car seat. He put a couple of energy drinks into the car seat and didn't pay for the merchandise. The loss prevention officer didn't think there was anything in the car seat---except for the energy drinks. When he confronted the person outside the store, the guy took off running.
At one point he tripped and as he fell---his hand went into the car seat. He had fallen on the baby."

Instead of giving up, Clemens says the 28-year-old man took off running again and ran into traffic still carrying the baby.

"The man picked up the car seat and child and continued running. He actually went across Louise Ave. and headed into traffic. Cars had to stop and slam on their brakes so they didn't hit him or the child. We had officers who eventually found the man."

Clemens says Douglas Parmely has been charged with shoplifting and abuse or cruelty to a minor.

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