A Sioux Falls man allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend at her home following an argument about their relationship Tuesday afternoon.

Police Spokesman Sam Clemens has the story!

"At some point he became upset with her. He punched her several times in the face and ended up slamming her head into the ground several times. Once she was on the ground, she started yelling and screaming. He then put his forearm over her throat to stop her from screaming. He was essentially strangling her."

Right then Clemens says the suspect grabbed some scissors.

"He then sat on top or her and used the scissors to cut off her nipples. He then got off of her. She took that opportunity and ran for help. We were able to find him later and arrested him for aggravated assault domestic."

Clemens identifies the ex-boyfriend as 45-year-old Tony Ledbetter of Sioux Falls.

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