Sioux Falls Police Sgt. Paul Creviston says an argument between a girl's ex-boyfriend and her new boyfriend turned violent.

"The victim had come to town to visit his girlfriend. When he arrived at her house, the ex-boyfriend was at her house. They had some words. The suspect (the ex-boyfriend) had pulled a firearm on the new boyfriend and pointed it at him. That's when the current boyfriend had taken off in his vehicle. The ex-boyfriend led a pursuit in his vehicle. At one point, there was some ramming of the cars and shots were fired from the suspect to the victim's vehicle."

Although the incident took place on August seventh, Creviston says the police investigation since then has produced results.

"The crimes against persons detectives were able to do followup on this story and were able to identify the suspect in this case as 18-year-olld Gilberto Rivera. A warrant was issued for his arrest. The arrest took place last Friday."

Creviston says Rivera, who is charged with aggravated assault against the victim, is being held on a ten thousand dollar bond.

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