Darrin Smith, Director of Community Development, says Sioux Falls is outpacing a number of cities when it comes to construction activity!

"We had at the end of April nearly twice as much construction activity in the form of building permit values as Des Moines, Iowa, almost three times as much as Billings, Montana, almost twice as much as Rochester, Minnesota where the Mayo Clinic is.  We had more than Boise, Idaho.  You can just go on and on down the list of all the cities that are compared with Sioux Falls.  The only one that had more than us was Omaha."

Right now, Darrin says a number of projects are underway in Sioux Falls.

"There's an elementary school, there's a middle school remodel, there's a fire station, as well as projects downtown like the old Western Surety building  that we now call the Plaza.  The YMCA downtown is getting a total renovation---affordable housing is being put in there as well as other improvements.  There's a new furniture store on 41st Street.  There are some bank projects.  These are just a few of the construction activities taking place in our community."

Last  year, Sioux Falls set the all time record in construction activity and this year is strong again!