During a press briefing Monday Sioux Falls ‎Public Information Officer Sam Clemens gave the results of Saturday's Daytime Saturation Patrols in the city.

Clemens said they gave out a "whopping" 285 citations issued including:

  • 163 Speeding Tickets
  • 18 Seatbelt violations
  • 10 Stoplight violations
  • 2 DWI Arrests
  • 1 Distracted Driving

Clemens also stated that he was surprised to see such a large number of violations and went on to say:

"Hate to say this was a success. Ideally, we'd like to see much lower numbers, but yet again this reaffirms why we do these saturation patrols. And we will certainly continue doing these in the future."

Clemens speculated that the holiday weekend's nice weather was a contributing factor and there were a lot of people out, but would have hoped more people would have been obeying the laws.

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