An argument between a brother and sister turned violent in a Sioux Falls home Wednesday night.

"We had a group of people at a house," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens, "when the brother of one of the women showed up. He was intoxicated. Everybody kind of cleared out after that. The brother was told to leave. He did and they locked the doors behind him. He was upset! He went into the open garage door, grabbed a crowbar and started swinging it at the sliding glass door."

That's when the man's sister opened the door.

"Once the door was opened, he came in and started swinging the crowbar again at his sister. Her boyfriend then got into it. Eventually, the brother left. Police found him outside and arrested for aggravated assault charges."

Clemenes identified the suspect as 32-year-old Joseph Marion Moose of Sioux Falls.

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