I am one of those women who is in the middle of the road regarding Football! I don't dislike it, but I dislike watching it on TV. I much rather be at the game LIVE in all its glory! The ambiance of the stadium is incredible.

Here are ways to meet someone depending on your feelings towards football!

#1.)  If You're a Guy Who Hates Football.  You're in luck, since a lot of women SAY they think watching football is a boring waste of time.  So just mentioning that you'd rather spend your weekends doing something else is a big plus.

The best place to meet someone:  On Sunday afternoon, when other guys are glued to the TV, hit a farmer's market, a bookstore, or anywhere that'll have a decent amount of women hanging around.

#2.)  If You're a Guy Who Loves Football.  Face it:  Unless you have season tickets, your exposure to football is from watching television.  So you may love the sport, but really, what you do all weekend is watch TV.

The best place to meet someone:  It isn't crazy to find a woman who loves football, but you've got to look in the right places.  You MIGHT be able to find an available female fan at a sports bar.  Good luck with that.

But you're better off scanning an online forum for your team, which often list game-watching parties.  Or head to the game itself with a wingman, and tailgate in the parking lot beforehand.

#3.)  If You're a Woman Who Hates Football.  There's a difference between HATING football . . . and just thinking it's boring or confusing.  If you actually hate the sport, that's one thing.  But if you learned the game, you might enjoy it more.

The best place to meet someone:  Start by looking for men where football fans are scarce.  Do things on Sunday afternoon when the game's on, like go to the gym, walk your dog, or hit up a trendy restaurant that you know won't be airing the game.

4.)  If You're a Woman Who Loves Football.  We saved you for last because most men see a woman who loves football as a gift from the gods.  It's an instant conversation starter and an easy way to a first date.

The best place to meet someone:  Find the best sports bar in your area and head there wearing your team's jersey.  You'll be a rare commodity and should have your pick of the single dudes.