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Register Now to Vote
To vote you need to be registered. Now is a great time to do it so you're ready for the next election. Here's what to do.
Ready for Election Day: Know Your Rights
Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. Here's some things to know so you have an easy time exercising our important right and responsibility as Americans.
Top 5 Ways to Die
According to the South Dakota Department of Health, here are the leading causes of death for people in South Dakota.
5 Most Dangerous Places In South Dakota
The folks over at Only In Your State compiled a list of the most dangerous places in the 605 after dark using statistics from the FBI as and Neighborhood Scout.
Learning Management from MST3K
I've learned 2 important things from my years of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' devotion. Old movies were dumb too and 'Hired!' can teach you be a good manager.