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My 5-Year-Old Metallica Fan
Esia is 5-years-old and has loved Metallica since I tried to get him to stop screaming by blasting "Enter Sandman" two years ago. It worked but not for the reason I thought.
My Top 6 'American Idol' Moments
I've been watching the new season and have been blown away by some of the new talent. However, it made me reflect on American Idol of the past and my favorite moments.
Heinz Mayochup Needs to Come to America
Heinz has been making a thing called Mayochup and selling it in the Middle East for a few years. Why this hasn't been on sale in the U.S. is beyond me.
Happy National Siblings Day
It's crazy to think how well we get along now because it wasn't always that way! There are even still holes in my bedroom door at home to prove it!
Winter, Go Home, You're Drunk
Snow in April is stupid. I know, it happens from time to time. But we just had one of the coldest winters I can remember in a long time. We didn't have a ton of snow but we got enough.
Washington Pavilion Welcomes Tim Allen
Tim Allen, known best for his sitcoms, Home Improvement and Last Man Standing and as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, is going to make a stop in Sioux Falls.