What's going on?

Ramen Fuji Opening This Weekend
Sioux Falls has tons of restaurants, catering to almost every craving. How did we not have a ramen restaurant until now?
Horny Deer Cause More Accidents in Fall
Deer have a way of finding their way into the path of vehicles year round. This is nothing new. AAA is pointing out that the whitetail deer mating season, commonly referred to by hunters as the "rut," is nearly here and is a big cause for an uptick in deer versus car collisions in the fall…
The Walking Dead is Back and I Don't Care
As I sat down to write some blog posts this Sunday night at 8:24 pm, while watching the Red Sox and Astros in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series, it occurred to me that The Walking Dead was on and I don't care.
The Jif and Generic Peanut Butter Taste Test
A few weeks ago we got a text that told me to get real peanut butter because it is far superior generic. So Tasha and I try a generic and a brand name peanut butter to compare the two.