I know just how lucky I am to have a job I love, because the truth is, the majority of people don't. The Conference Board is a New York-based non-profit research group which has done a job satisfaction survey every year since 1987.

Since that year job satisfaction has gone up and down depending upon economic circumstances, but three decades ago over 61% of people liked their jobs.That just isn't so anymore. Their latest study indicated that job satisfaction, although up slightly from 2014, is still a majorly elusive situation, with over 51 percent of respondents indicating they dislike or even hate their jobs!

If you've ever taken a job aptitude test to see what else you might be capable of doing, you know that not all of them can point you in the right direction. But, I love doing these things, because I always wonder about the psychology behind them. What our particular choices determine about our personalities, skills and failings, fascinate me.

So take a break today and do a little dreaming. What do you have to lose taking just one more quiz? Maybe you'll learn something about yourself you didn't already know. I took the quiz and it told me I should be a best-selling novelist! Good thing I love my job or I'd have to start thinking up the great American novel. Hmmm.

Take the "What Job Should You Actually Have?" quiz here.

Source: PureWow.com

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