A Sioux Falls man has been arrested after he allegedly fired a gun following a fight with another man.

"The fight was broken up and our suspect grabbed a gun out of the car," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens. "He shot the gun a couple of times in the air. Then he left and came back and shot a house."

"We were able to piece things together after talking to witnesses. Sounds like there were quite a few witnesses. We learned who the suspect was," continued Clemens. "Our street crimes officers found him around 1:30 AM on Tuesday."

Clemens says the argument between the two men may have been about a woman.

"Maybe is the big question about this. But, that's what we are hearing from people, that the initial fight started over a woman. We're not sure is the real reason or not though."

Herman Motley III, 31, faces a number of charges, including aggravated assault, commission of a felony while armed, and discharge of a firearm at an occupied structure.

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