Students all over the Sioux Empire are getting ready to head back to class over the next few weeks.

If you're sending a child off to college this fall, here are seven things you don't need to buy. Experts say they're just a waste of money these days.

Source: Yahoo

  • 1

    A Printer

    Sure, they're nice to have. But do you really need one? Most homework can be emailed now.

  • 2

    A tablet.

    The cheap tablets can't do everything a laptop can. In many cases you're better off with a computer.

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  • 3

    A Big Screen TV

    Most young people watch everything on computers now anyway. Having a big TV is not a necessity.

  • 4

    New Clothes

    Especially if you're a freshman. Chances are you might gain some weight. So just buy a few things, not an entire new wardrobe.

  • 5

    A Mini Fridge

    In college, most of the time mini fridges are used to store your Hot Pockets and beer. Yeah, they're handing to have, but not necessary.

  • 6

    External Hard Drive

    If you need to back stuff up, you can get free storage online.

  • 7

    An iron

    How many kids do you know that actually iron their clothes. That's what I thought.