Pinterest sent me an email over the weekend telling me they now offer three "Secret Boards" that you can have on the site. When reading this they gave the example that you could use it for things such as if you are having a baby and you don't want people to know yet and you want to hide the baby stuff your pinning. I get that reason. Another one is maybe you are throwing a surprise Birthday party, I also get that one. But then I started thinking of all the other reasons you may want a "Secret Board"

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. You don't want every body to know your obsession with Jordan from New Kids on the Block because you pinned 1000 pics of him.

2. You are already planning your wedding and you have only been dating the guy 2 months.

3. You don't want your family to know you have a super dirty mind and the use of the F-word when pinning all the naughty e-cards.

4. You post a TON of alcoholic drink recipes!

5. You are turning into the cat lady but don't want everyone to see every kitty pic, cat accessory  and hello kitty items you post!