An organization that should know, the American Veterinary Medical Association, says its most recent numbers show South Dakota is third in the US when it comes to pet ownership.

The organization says 65.6 percent of all households in the state own a pet, and it also says we ranked in the Top 10 for owning a cat in 2011, which seems to be the most recent information available. So pat yourself on the back and be proud.

We have a cat at our house. . She doesn't run the place, but we let her think she does. She came from the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society about nine and a half years ago

Now, there ain't no free cat, or dog or pretty much any animal, but for entertainment value, they're well worth the price of their food.

The AVMA has a lot of numbers, and you could probably Google them to find out more information.

But I'll leave you with this: The states ahead of South Dakota's 65.6 percent pet ownership are Vermont, with 70.8 percent of households owning a pet, and New Mexico with 67.6 percent.

Minnesota is in the bottom 10 for pet ownership, with 53 percent of households owning a pet. Come on, Gopher Staters, you can do better than that.