There's an entire generation that grew up believing Scrooge McDuck from 'Duck Tales' was THE model of wealth and opulence.  I mean, he'd swim in his giant money bin of gold coins!  He was ballin' before ballin' was ballin'.

Anyway, back on July 13th, 21-year-old Tyquan Turner and 22-year-old Lorenza Christian of Hartford, Connecticut robbed a 25-year-old man named Miguel Rodriguez . . . and ended up shooting and killing him.

Miguel was wearing a custom-made gold chain necklace with a large gold medallion featuring Scrooge McDuck, and Turner and Christian stole it.

When investigators found out about Miguel's missing Scrooge McDuck necklace, they put the word out to pawn shops in the area, asking if anyone had brought it in.  And it was such a unique item that one pawn shop immediately knew they'd gotten it.

Connecticut law requires pawn shops to get the name and photo of anyone selling an item, so the pawn shop gave the photo to the cops . . . and they instantly recognized Turner and Christian.

Both of them were arrested last week.  Turner is facing murder, conspiracy, and weapons charges . . . Christian is facing conspiracy charges.

Their mugshots are below.