A crash involving a car and a scooter resulted in serious injuries and a pair of citations during the early evening on Wednesday.

At the intersection of 4th and Cliff, Police Officer Sam Clemens described how the 17-year-old driver of a Kia Optima ran a stop sign around 7:00 PM.

“The car went from the west heading east on 4th Street. It was just about all the way across when the scooter ran into the side of the car.”

Injuries to the 42-year-old scooter driver were serious enough that the man was taken to the hospital. The early diagnosis was a compound fracture to one of the driver’s legs, but is expected to recover.

Both of the people involved are from Sioux Falls. The girl who drove the car was cited for Running a Stop Sign and a Violation of a Restricted License, but Police did not mention the specific Restriction.

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