Santa Claus recently arrived in Sioux Falls spreading lots of good will!

We caught up with Santa after he made a special appearance at Winter Wonderland at Falls Park.

Santa told us----he's a firm believer in volunteerism.  "Oh my goodness sakes!   I just love to do some of the charity events around here and helping raise some money for people who are in need.  Recently, I was at the Avera Cancer Center with the Festival of Trees.  We raised some good money to provide mental health care for people in our community who probably wouldn't be able to access the system because they don't have the funds to pay for the treatment.  It was a great opportunity to do that.  There are just all kinds of opportunities to volunteer."

Santa, who has met with so many wonderful children, says he has a personal message for parents!  "Love your children.  They need nothing more from you than some time.  They love to have you around and just doing things with them.  Spend some time with your kids.  Time is important."

So, what do the children want from Santa this year? "The girls would like an American girl doll.  The boys are even talking about legos!  They love those legos---being creative and building things with them.  I think that's great they have things that they can create."

The children also love Santa Claus...who is making dreams come true!