Finally! Restaurants are starting to put a halt on the obnoxious habit of taking photos of food. People who feel the need to share the dish they are about to devour are going to have to find other places to do it, or at least do it differently.

Momofuku Ko, a New York restaurant has completely banned taking photos of any kind in their establishment. Other restaurants have just banned flash photography. The reason photo taking has come under scrutiny is that the flashes going off every couple of minutes is disruptive to other customers in the restaurant. I also can't imagine a chef or owner liking the ambiance of a red carpet going on while people are trying to eat and converse and enjoy themselves.

Some argue that taking photos of a dish at a restaurant, usually filtered through Instagram, and sharing it on social networks is good for business. It's free advertising that they wouldn't get otherwise. That is certainly plausible. But while restaurateurs would likely appreciate the good word-of-mouth publicity, they are likely more worried about other customers getting irritated.

Posting photos of food on Facebook has become another of the annoying things people do. While irritating, it's still not as bad the non-stop pictures of kids, pictures of themselves making a duck face, or the vague sympathy-seeking posts like "Well that sucked" or "Things just aren't getting better."