I am an official for high school football. That's why I feel bad for this guy. He's going to get laughed at all over the world all because he did his job correctly, I think.

The back judge in this video is down field watching the players in his area when the deep pass drills him on the head.

As far as I can tell, he was watching the players in front of him, not the ball. Sure, if he looks at the ball he avoids the Youtube embarrassment, but he could have missed a penalty.

It's also possible he was in a bad position and was trying to get out of the players way and ran into the ball. Or maybe he forgot he was an official and had a flashback to his high school glory days and went to go catch it. But I think I'll side with him and say he was doing it right.

Last year I had a similar thing happen. Except it wasn't the ball, it was a player. I took an inadvertent shoulder pad to the side of the head and my lights went out for a split second. I found myself in a heap in the middle of the field. It hurt like hell, but I was fine and finished the game.