A bumper crop of voters are expected to cast their ballots in the 2016 election. Officials are trying to make the experience easy.

With high turnout and many races and issues to consider, Minnehaha County Auditor Bob Litz says the best way to enjoy the process is to organize your thoughts before arriving to the polling place.

“Study the issues before you get down there (to vote). It’s a long and complex ballot. Some of the wording could be characterized as treacherous. (The election officials) aren’t going to give you any advice on how to fill it out. Do your homework and make your time at the polling booth short.”

Based on a couple of factors, Litz predicts a record turnout for this year’s election.

“It’s an open Presidential year. People who vote every eight years for the open Presidential (seat) come out and I think they’re out in record numbers. I’m anticipating 20 thousand of those early ballots.”

Litz says that he will have 88 people in the Auditor’s office that day to assist with the processing of the early voting ballots.

With the sheer number of ballots from all the precincts, Litz expects the final results to arrive well after midnight.

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