(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Now that we are in the grasp of autumn, a look back at the Sioux Falls summer season is in order. On the temperature scale, according to the National Weather Service, there were more days with high temperatures of 90 or above in August than in June and July combined.

The thermometer did not crack 90 in June and only three times in July. There were just five days in August including that four-day stretch before Labor Day when the temps got over 90 with the highest being 93 on August 27. September was actually a warmer month than June this year. In 2012 there were forty-seven days of 90 or above. Nine of those were 100 degrees or more. Conversely, there were plenty of cool days over the summer stretch this year. On ten occasions in 2013, the temperature never got above 70 in June, July and August. Last year that happened only twice.

The drought conditions felt in 2012 faded with good moisture in the spring of this year, along with a lot of broken tree branches. June was a wet month (4.28 inches of rain), followed by a dry July (.60) a bounce back in August (3.23) and the spigot shut off in September (.77).

Growing is pretty much over for this season. Next mission is to build the foundation for next year as this weekend’s cold soggy system blows through. Hopefully it comes without snow.