Volunteers of America, Dakotas is one of only four programs in the nation that works with mothers in prison, their children and the children's caregiver.  It's called "Look Up and Hope."  Denise Smith is the program's care manager.

"Not only do they have to overcome their own personal issues which are likely to be chemical dependencies as well as mental health issues.  They have to find employment which is very difficult as a felon.  They have to overcome housing---being able to establish a home that is desirable for children.  Most of all, they have to overcome their own inward conflicts of what they've done."

Right now, Denise says mentors are needed for "Look Up and Hope."

"You can call me at Volunteers of America. My number is 929-5289.  Mentors are wonderful!  These women embrace positive roles in the community that benefit them.  If you're willing to help, I would love to hear from you."

"Look Up and Hope" is a project started by Volunteers of America aimed  at helping families who have been disrupted by incarceration of mothers.