I understand that in the age of smart phones and instant information people could be a little paranoid about weirdos taking inappropriate photos of them and uploading the to the Internet. This woman, in her self-righteous paranoia about a kid flying a remote controlled quadcopter with a GoPro, got herself arrested.

A 17 year old named Austin Haughwout was at a public beach in Connecticut flying the quadcopter with a camera on it, but that was all. He wasn't taking video of girls in bikinis on the beach. If he had been doing that would be legal. Creepy, but legal. They're in public and the camera is 100 feet off the ground with GoPro, not a telephoto lens camera.

Well a 23 year old woman named Andrea Mears saw what he was doing, completely misunderstood it, called the cops and, as can be seen in the video, allegedly assaulted him for taking pictures of girls on the beach. In the video she punched him and even gave him a fish hook! She was charged with assault and faces up to a year in prison.

Austin has even started an online fundraising campaign to pay for a civil lawsuit

And here is the video he was trying to get with the quadcopter. It's harmless.