I know I've said this before, but I really get irritated when gasoline prices go up by bunches at a time. Or maybe frustrated is a better word.

For example, while I was at work on a recent morning, prices at the pump went up 14 cents a gallon. In just a few hours!

I'm no marketing expert, just a consumer, and I don't blame station owners. But at this rate, filling up my tank just costs more and more. And as consumers, we're mostly powerless.

Oh, you can keep the car parked, but sooner or later we all feel the need to drive somewhere, and there you are, filling up again.

So on the day the price of one grade of fuel went from $3.359 to 3:49.9 at a station I saw, the AAA-South Dakota Fuel Gauge report said the Sioux Falls average was $3.477, up more than nine cents a gallon in the past week. A month earlier the Sioux Falls average was $3.822 and it was just a shade higher than a year ago.

Answers? Not from me, but I will continue to keep my eyes on the price. And get frustrated every time prices go up.

We all do what we can.