An Independent candidate with previous experience in the U.S. Senate presents unique opportunities if sent back to the post.  

In a sharply divided body, Larry Pressler a former Republican could end up as a committee chair no matter which party has control.  As former Chair of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Pressler worked quite a bit with the railroad industry.  The Humboldt native feels consolidation hampers Ag producers.  “Those big railroads take advantage of South Dakota.  I hope the Surface Transportation Board takes a stronger stand (against rail companies).  Also our Congressional delegation should be speaking out more and working with our Governor to confront them.”  Pressler also laments the loss of the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad as a direct link to the current issues of shipping products by rail in the state.

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Pressler who has served three previous terms in Upper Chamber, feels that his influence would be felt immediately.  “As an Independent, I could bring special power to South Dakota.  (If elected) I get my seniority back.  The seniority is numbered in the Senate, not necessarily in the caucus.”