Police says two men got caught red handed while burglarizing a vehicle near 77th Street and Western Avenue.

"We had a homeowner that came home about 2:00 P.M. on Saturday," explained Police Lieutenant Loren McManus. "He sees a red car in his driveway. There is one guy in the car and another man inside of one of his vehicles that he owns. Once they see him, they got in their car and took off. He tries unsuccessfully to stop them. He then calls 911. Police were able to make a vehicle stop. Through the investigation, officers found several items that had been taken from other vehicles in the area of 77th and Western Avenue. There was also some marijuana that was recovered."

McManus says the two men face a number of charges.

"Charges range from marijuana and paraphernalia possession to possession of stolen property and criminal entry of a vehicle."

McManus, who says the suspects may have been involved in other car burglaries, identified the two Sioux Falls men as 18-year-old Michael Noland and 21-yar-old Ammen Abdrabbo.

Stolen items were located inside their car, including credit cards.

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