A Sioux Falls man accused of huffing dust cleaner allegedly assaulted a police officer on Monday afternoon.

Police Lt. Jon Lohr identified the suspect as 27-year-old Jesse Demarrias.

"Demarrias was in the process of being arrested. During the process of that he attempted to push by a couple of officers and a struggle took place. At some point, he ended up on top of one of the officers and attempted to throw punches at him. The other officers did what they could to hold those punches back. The officer that was on the ground eventually was able to separate himself from the suspect. They did get him arrested."

Lohr says the Sioux Falls man faces a number of charges.

"Mr. Demarrias has been charged with ingesting, simple assault on law enforcement, resisting arrest and obstruction."

Lohr says the police officer sustained minor injuries.

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