A registered sex offender allegedly propositioned two girls at a McDonald's restaurant in the east part of Sioux Falls on Thursday.

"There was a 13-year-old juvenile female in the store with a 12-year-old juvenile friend," Police Lt. Mike Colwill told us. "They were contacted by a James Smalley. James made some comments to the girls of a sexual nature. He then left the store. The girls were able to tell some other adults about what had happened.Those individuals were then able to chase James to a business on east 8th street where he was contacted by police. After Jemes was contacted by the police, the investigation was done. He was found to be a registered sex offender who lives here in Sioux Falls."

Colwill says Smalley faces several charges.

"He was arrested for solicitation of a minor, threatening to commit a sexual offense, and simple assault for the incident that take place at McDonald's."

Colwill says the two girls did the right thing by reporting the incident right after it happened.