Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says a worker at the Sioux Falls airport was arrested Thursday after allegedly making threats.

"This was a man that was working for a security company. That company was sub-contracted through TSA to handle some security at the airport," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens.

"Sometime during this week he made a comment to a fellow employee that he was going to get a gun, come back and shoot up the place. He then made some specific comments targeting some of their supervisors. This other employee that heard this was quite alarmed and ended up telling his boss who reported it to TSA and Sioux Falls police. We were able to find this man and found that the threats he made were credible. He did have access to several firearms."

Clemens says the employee that provided the information to authorities did the right thing.

"We just don't know what the suspect may have done. Sometimes people make threats and don't have any plans to follow through. But, we know there are others that plan to follow through. This man had the means to commit this crime---to do this act that he was talking about. The other employee that heard this absolutely did the right thing by reporting it and getting police involved."

Clemens says 22-year-old Connor Park of Sioux Falls was arrested for making terroristic threats which is a felony.

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