Sioux Falls Police Detective Jon Carda says authorities are searching for a suspect in connection with a robbery at Wells Fargo Bank at 500 W 41st Street.

"About 6:44 p.m.on Monday, the Wells Fargo Branch located inside Lewis Drug at 41st and Minnesota reported that an individual came into their business and demanded money from a teller."

The suspect is described as a white male in his 30's, approximately 6' tall and 215 pounds.  He was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and a black stocking hat.

According to Carda, the teller felt threatened significantly enough that he met the demands of the suspect.  The suspect fled in a vehicle possibly an older Grand Am.

Earlier in the day, Carda says there was an attempted robbery at the Dairy Queen at 26th Street and Marion Road.

"A robbery did not occur but it did have the makings for one.  An employee stepped out the back door carrying two money bags with the intent of taking them to the bank.  It appears someone was waiting for that employee. The employee believes the suspect was wearing a Halloween costume and mask.  The suspect approached the employee and demanded the money.  Instead of giving the money, the employee struck the potential suspect with the money bags causing the suspect to flee.  The employee came back into the store and called 911.

Sioux Falls Police Department Handout