A Drug Task Force investigation in Sioux Falls resulted in four arrests on Thursday---three of them picked up in a local hotel room.

"They were looking at a particular man," Police Spokesman Sam Clemens told us, "for dealing some meth. The warrant was for both him and his room at the Red Rock Inn. On Thursday afternoon they saw him riding his bicycle. He had a backpack with him. Officers arrested him for some warrants. The man had some meth on him and also in his backpack. He had marijuana on him that was packaged up for distribution. Officers then went to a hotel room and found three people inside. There was marijuana and meth residue inside. Those people were then arrested on drug charges."

Clemens says the arrests are a sign that meth and other drugs are a community wide problem.

"Each of these arrests really help. Most of the quantities that we find with meth are going to be very small quantities. 38 grams isn't a huge quantity. But, it helps. Obviously the focus of this investigation--one of the persons arrested was likely dealing meth. That's what we found."

Clemens identified the four arrested as 31-year-old Laura Brown, 42-year-old Roy Hampton, 37-year-old Alfred Siani, and 45-year-old Ryan Gillis.

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