Sioux Falls Police are encouraging residents to lock their car doors in light of recent car break-ins. Unfortunately, Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says the message is not reaching everyone.

"Almost on a daily basis, we are taking multiple reports from people that are leaving their car doors unlocked and things are disappearing. It might be a wallet, purse, cell phone, laptop, camera, some things that people just leave behind and they shouldn't."

And that's good news for car thieves!

"Leaving those cars unlocked is the easiest thing that criminals can take advantage of. It doesn't take them more than a few seconds to open the door, grab what they want and continue on their way."

If you don't think you could be a victim, Clemens has this response.

"There is a good chance if you continue to leave the doors unlocked, somebody will take advantage of that. It's just a matter of time before they find your unlocked door along with your personal property."

Clemens says the best way to attract a thief is to leave your purse or high value item in a visible area of your car. If you must put something of value in your car, keep it in the trunk or under the seats.