Sioux Falls Police say violence erupted between a husband and wife when she refused to kiss him.

"The wife had not been feeling well," according to Sioux Falls Police Lt. Loren McManus, "because of some flu symptoms. In the early morning, the husband felt he wanted to share some affection with her. She was not interested in that. An argument started. At some point, he displayed a box cutter and threatened her with the box cutter. There was also a physical altercation that took place. Somewhere in the mix of everything, the victim had made some attempts to call for help and was preventing from doing that by the suspect."

When police arrived on scene, the husband, identified as 30-year-old Joseph Daniel Ramos of Sioux Falls, was arrested on a number of charges.

"Ultimately the husband was arrested for aggravated assault domestic, simple assault domestic, and interruption of communication services."

McManus says the wife suffered minor bruises from the attack.

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