In light of the Dallas shootings, Sioux Falls Police Chief Matt Burns says a similar tragedy could happen in Sioux Falls!

"You never know what's going to happen! Could something like that take place here---sure! The training that our officers receive is extensive. It's very precise. Our officers are professional as they utilize their training in their daily duties. You just hope that if something tragic would happen in Sioux Falls--they would be able to operate professionally and preserve the public safety of our community."

Burns says the recent shootings around the country discourage some potential recruits from becoming law enforcement officers in Sioux Falls.

"That is a reasonable fear. Frankly we have seen that take place across the country and within our own recruiting efforts up to this point. There are reasonable risks and incidents like the shootings in Dallas. This incident and the others only put a spotlight on that. But, I will tell you that this is a rewarding job. It does have its risks. But it always has. I would just encourage those who want to serve the public and have a heart for public service---we have a tremendous opportunity here at the Sioux Falls Police Department for potential candidates to pursue that."

Burns says he has received a number of messages from residents that are supporting law enforcement following the Dallas shootings.

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