Motivating kids when they're not feeling well is a challenge for any parent.  But, when that child is hospitalized it's even more difficult.

Now, one hospital has been able to capitalize on the Pokémon Go craze.

At the University of Michigan Children's Hospital doctors and nurses have started using Pokémon Go as a way to get kids up and moving, so they don't stay in their rooms and sit in bed all day.

There are several "Pokestops" inside the hospital, so they can play it even if they can't go outside. And there's also at least one Pokémon gym.

Apparently some other hospitals have actually been banning the game, because people keep wandering in off the street looking for Pokémon to catch.

I'm sure you will agree that energizing your kid's with anything while they are not feeling well is a good thing!

Source: USA Today

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