Every other Thursday we have Psychic Tiff on our show. We were supposed to have her on today. She did not make her normal appearance. We got word this morning that she had a stroke on Friday.

What we know is all coming from her Caring Bridge site. Friday afternoon Tiffany's husband found her dizzy and her speech was slurred. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital in St. Cloud, MN where she had surgery. A second surgery was done to remove a portion of her skull and relieve pressure on her brain. Eventually another surgery will be required to replace the piece of her skull. She is awake and able to respond to her family but cannot speak yet. She's eating applesauce and sipping water but is also on a feeding tube. She's had speech and physical therapy already so, as she heals, she's already working on her recovery.

I have known Tiffany Johnson since 2009 when she emailed and asked if I wanted to have her on the morning show. This was before Mel joined the show so I was elated to just have another person to talk to on a regular basis and a unique feature to have on. Over the last four years you could say we've become friends and she's one of my favorite people in the world. I don't mean to say that we're "best buddies" or anything like that. She knows more people than I ever will. But her warm, bubbly personality with that perfect amount of snarky attitude is infectious. She makes the people around her, or over the phone in our case, feel so included. She's a great person and she did not deserve to have this happen to her.

Strokes are nasty things. The fact that this happened to Tiff is so shocking because she's only 40 years old. I don't know if we'll ever get to have her on the show again and that makes me sad. We've gotten tons of calls and emails from people who say how much they love listening to her when she's on. I don't really care if she ever comes on again as long as she gets better.

Please say a little prayer for our friend Psychic Tiff. She really needs it right now.

Psychic Tiff in studio with Andy and Mel, February 10, 2012