I just played at Golf Addiction the other day for the first time and I loved it, after I got out of my head.

I was questioning the accuracy of the distance on my shots to one of the owners, Adam Scott. Normally I hit my driver between 240 and 260 yards and my longest one on the driving range mode of the simulator was 201. He told me about how some people can't get over the fact that they're indoors and just aren't swinging as hard as they normally do outside. That, like most golf problems, it was all in my head (my words, not his).

Next time up I swung out of my shoes and hit it well for a 252 yard drive. He was right. After that all my shots matched what they are most of the time outdoors. It was incredible to see how accurate it was.

Golfing outdoors on a nice day is great, but golfing outdoors on a hot muggy day in July is not so much fun. That makes this golf tournament perfect! No sunscreen, no bug spray.

Get some friends together and play in the "Beat the Heat" Indoor Scramble at Golf Addiction. Normally there is one day to play a tournament but since it's indoors on the coolest golf simulators in the world, it only has to be done between July 7 and July 12. Your foursome can play any day that works for you that week.

I'm getting my team together and so should you!

Get a foursome together for just $25 per person. There are prizes for the top three teams and you'll can take a chance at hitting a hole-in-one to win $10,000! Proceeds for the hole-in-one contest benefit First Tee of South Dakota.

Call 605-274-8903 to enter!

Check out Golf Addiction in action