Dancing With the Stars got the party started last night.

The them was party songs and the guest judge was Redfoo from LMFAO.  I understand that group is known for party songs, but is he really qualified to judge ballroom dancing? I think not.  He kind of bothered me.

But I digress, on to the dancing!

Meryl and Maks! Dayum! That is all. They just get a dayum! No wait, I have more to say.  How cute is it that Meryl gave Maks a pep talk?! And that Maks is actually afraid of the pressure of possibly winning! Their perfect score is well deserved.

I know I mention her every week, but Amy Purdy is so frickin good!

She danced to 'Shout!' and it was so good! The judges mentioned a slip up, but I didn't even notice it on the live show. Not until rewatching now did I notice.  Who cares?! She did a frickin' cartwheel for pete's sake! Her prosthetic legs had lace on them! I love her!

Last year the show did away with the Macy's Stars of Dance performance because the results show was axed, but Derek Hough brought it back this year and thank God he did.

Last night's was so amazing! I didn't realize how much I missed the Macy's Stars of Dance until it was gone! I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

If you look closely you can spot some SYTYCD alumni in there! (SYTYCD= So You Think You Can Dance, just in case you were wondering.) I mean the alumni besides the people that are already on the show as pros and in the troupe! Anyway, check it out!

SO GOOD! I love the smoke machine robots and the rhythm nation moment towards the end! LOVE!